24 mei 2017

Bushcraft weekend

Datum en tijd
24 mei t/m 28 mei


Dear Slopers,

The weather is getting warmer, the birds are chirping and the plants are growing. In other words: time for the next bushcraftweekend!

This year the bushcraft weekend will be from the 25th until the 28th of May. The ideal time to live and learn from nature.

Some of you might have heard that BuC weekends are hardcore and have (almost) no food. NOT this time (sorry Tristan 😛 ), we are changing it up a bit. We will provide for enough food resources (e.g. flour instead of bread) to give everyone enough calories during the weekend. The reason for this change is to make sure you will have enough energy to undertake bushcraft activities.

Speaking of activities, it is also your weekend. If you have an idea you would like to try out feel free to propose it! We have some basic ideas such as building your own natural shelter, making an oven, and animal tracking. So think of what you want to do during the weekend, we have enough time. If you have an idea you can submit your idea in the subscription form.

Costs: 30 euro’s. This includes transport, food and a location.

So, do you want to have an awesome weekend in nature? Of course you do! Sign up here!


The BuC