19 december 2017

Bushcraft workshop – Winter edition

Datum en tijd
19 december


Dear Slopers,

The Bushcraft Committee (BuC) is back with a new workshop! On Tuesday the 19th of December we are going to work on our shelter and fire-making skills, which are especially important in winter. After we finish building and fires are burning nicely, we’ll gather around the campfire for some drinks, snacks and stories from the year gone by.

>> Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/MuxM4Zadp59voZFI2

Date/Time: 19th of December, 19:00 onwards
Where: Abtswoude Bos (51°58’24.4″N 4°22’04.5″E)
We will provide: Gluhwein, Snacks, Marshmallows, Chocomel
Bring: Your knife (which you of course have). Optional: Thin rope (Sisaltouw), tarps, blankets, warm clothing, additional food, anything else you think might be nice. You may not bring a tent.
Cost: Free!

Bushcraft or Die!

The bushcraft committee:
Jan van Willigen
Felix Akkermans
Ruben van den Heuvel
Manfred Josefsson
Mitchell Vlaar
Lisette Klosterboer (QQ)