15 August 2021

Becoming a member

S.B.V. Slopend is an outdoor sports association for students. Thus, students can become a member. This is possible during the introduction periods in September and March. During these introduction periods there are technique trainings especially for beginners. Here you can learn the basics and get to know survival sports. Training always starts at the blue container on the sports centre of X.

You become a member of Slopend by filling in a registration form (plus an authorisation form) and handing it in to a board member. You can get this form from a board member. They can be found at the container during training hours, recognizable by the dark green t-shirt.

An annual membership costs €45. Members who participate in the survival run training must also be in possession of an X-subscription (sports card of the TUDelft) that is valid for 12 months and be registered at the Dutch Survival Run Association (SBN).
The price of a sports pass depends on your relationship with the TU Delft. Here you can find the rates and more information. The SBN membership costs €22,00 per year and includes a supplementary insurance in case of accidents during training. For more information and registration, click here.

Would you like to know if Slopend is something for you, but it is not an intro period? No problem, let us know at info@slopend.com.