25 November 2016

Big Survivalruns

There are two runs each year that Slopend pays extra attention to. These runs are Beltrum and the Batavierenrace.

17295805376_2f1ec8c72a_oBeltrum is a survival run that takes place each year at the start of January in a town with the same name. This is where the first survival run in the Netherlands took place in 1989. Furthermore, it is by far the biggest one in the country. Each year a big group of Slopers participates in the run and travels there with a rented tour bus. You can choose from 14km individual or in a group of 4, or the whole 22km individually or in couples, for those who like a challenge. The signups fill up quickly each year, so you’ll have to be in front of your computer as soon as it opens.

17295805376_2f1ec8c72a_oThe batavierenrace is the biggest relay race in the Netherlands; from Nijmegen all the way to Enschede! This is no easy task, so we start Friday night. After running your distance (4-10km), you’ll be swapped out. The last stage takes place Saturday afternoon, where we all cheer on the last log carrier. “Log?” you may ask; yes, for an extra challenge we run the entire race with a log on our shoulders!

After the race you can join the BBQ with our survival friends from Tartaros and the Twente university campus houses the biggest student party in the Netherlands.

Signups open in March, the bata is in April!