29 August 2016


“Knowledge is the key to survival, the real beauty of that is that it doesn’t weigh anything.”
– Ray Mears
Bushcraft is an all-encompassing term for the skills needed to survive in nature. Think of making fire, building a shelter, trapping and gathering. Within Slopend knowledge of these things is found and shared.
With adequate knowledge about bushcraft, you can survive in nature and reach a comfort level in about every situation you can find yourself in. Even with a bit of bushcraft knowledge can help you a lot; if you know how to build a shelter and make a fire on your own a night under the stars doesn’t have to be so cold anymore..

Bushcraft is all about utilizing what nature has to offer. It’s important to realize that we do not abuse nature. We don’t cause permanent damage, we make sure that when we leave our campsite is in the same state as we found it in.

To preserve all this knowledge, the Bushcraft Committee (BuC) organizes workshops to teach essential bushcraft skills. The BuC also organizes a bushcraft weekend each year, where you can really test out your newfound bushcraft skills.
Some of the Slopend bushcraft knowledge:


Food and traps:
Edible plants
Trapping (English)

Fire and cooking:
Making fire
Pot hangers