22 August 2023

confidential contact persons

Within Slopend there are three confidential contact persons (VCP’s): Pim, Esther and Sophia. Log in to contact Pim, Esther or Sophia. You can find their contact information under Members.

The VCPs are there to help members with undesirable behavior (such as aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying and (sexual) harassment), abuses and integrity violations (such as theft, conflict of interest and abuse of authority) within the association. One can also go to the confidential contact persons with personal problems.

Below are the rules of conduct used by the supervisors/trainers within the association:

Conduct rules supervisor/trainer

  • The supervisor/trainer provides an environment and atmosphere in which members feel safe.
  • The supervisor/trainer shall refrain from treating members in a manner that affects the members’ dignity, and from intruding further into the members’ private lives than is necessary for the jointly stated purpose.
  • The supervisor/trainer shall refrain from any form of (power) abuse or sexual harassment towards the members.
  • The supervisor/trainer shall not touch the members in such a way that the members and/or the supervisor can reasonably be expected to perceive this touch as sexual or erotic in nature, as will usually be the case when deliberately touching (or having touched) genitals, buttocks and breasts.
  • The supervisor/trainer shall refrain from sexual verbal intimacies.
  • The supervisor/trainer shall not affect anyone’s dignity and shall refrain from discriminatory, belittling or intimidating remarks and behavior.
  • The supervisor/trainer shall be an example to others and shall refrain from conduct that brings the sport into disrepute.
  • The supervisor/trainer shall enforce regulations, house rules, this code of conduct and other standards.
  • The supervisor/trainer will handle personal information with care.