20 June 2023

Confidential Contact Person

Within Slopend, there are two confidential contact persons (CCP’s) Sophia and Pim. They are the point of contact for transgressive behaviour, undesirable behaviour and abuses.

Sophia Su

  • By phone: 06 85379452
  • Via email: Sophia2004su@hotmail.com

Pim Vree

  • By phone: 06 13203249
  • Via mail: mipeerv@gmail.com

This file contains the rules of conduct used by members/supervisors/trainers within the association.

What do the CCPs do?

The CCPs are there to help members with undesirable behaviour (such as aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying and (sexual) harassment), abuses and integrity violations (such as theft, conflicts of interest and abuse of authority) within the association. If something has happened within Slopend (or outside) that you would like to talk to someone about, you can always contact us. This also applies if you see something happening, but do not want to/do not dare speak to the person about it yourself. So even when in doubt: call, text, WhatsApp, e-mail or speak to us at a training session. CCPs are there to find follow-up steps for your situation together with you. Because the CCPs know where to go with various problems.

Of course, you can always contact someone from the board, a TU Delft confidential advisor, or contact centre safe sport.

How does a meeting with a CCP work?

Talks with CCPs are always confidential. This means that we will NEVER share information with others, unless you explicitly give permission. During the conversation, we can offer a listening ear and take follow-up steps together. Following the conversation, there are various follow-up steps, see the flow chart (unfortunatly it isn’t translated yet).

If the incident you discuss is association-related, we will have to report it to the board. This can be done anonymously. If the incident concerns a serious criminal offence, we as CCPs and as citizens have a duty to report it to the police. If the incident is private, we can help with referrals to specialised agencies in area where needed.