21 June 2018

Lustrum II

S.B.V. Slopend is almost 10 years old, so it is time for the second lustrum!

Subscription for the other lustrum activities are available via their own event pages. Links to these can be found below

If you want to re-watch the older teasers and trailers, that can be done here!

Date What
30/05 – 02/06  Lustrumweekend
03/06  Back To The Roots Training 
04/06 Lustrum Ontbijt
04/06 Lezing Spoorzoeken
05/06 Skeelertocht
06/06 Mystery Person X
07/06 Floatilla XL
08/06 Slopend Rally
08/06 Oud-Leden Diner
08/06 De Grote Slopend Pubquiz
09/06 Highland Games

Slopend Outdoor Film Tour

05/07 End of the year Lustrum BBQ