By Marjannen Zander

Although we cannot train on our terrain and there are no runs, Slopers have not been sitting idle the past weeks!

Not long after the Thursday training had to be ended abruptly due to the closing of X, the initiative was taken to host online trainings via Zoom. These proved to be a success amongst the Slopers looking for ‘just that bit more’ during this ‘lockdown’. In student rooms, gardens, the communal room, in the corridor or on the balcony- we got active everywhere where there is a bit of space to roll out a mat. Via the webcam we could see each other squat and lunge, imitate airplanes, bears and frogs, or topple over during challenging yoga poses. Not before long housemates, friends, family and members from other survivalrun associations started to tag along. There was a lot of interest amongst members and trainers from other associations to host a training, which lead to a busy schedule with multiple online activities every day, all well-coordinated by Maurits. From morning yoga, a noon abs session, many different HIIT sessions, to dancing and evening stretches – by now we can move and sport together throughout the day with a very diverse program. We can also work on different skills; we’ve been exploring Delft with ‘social distancing proof’ puzzles and challenges and worked on our wood carving and cooking skills during webcam workshops.

All in all Slopend is still providing just that bit more and staying close during these strange times.

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