27 May 2015

Committees and Instructors

Every year there are various committees at Slopend that organize things. The instructors plan out the training sessions.

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee (AC) organizes various activities like drinks (sometimes with a theme), barbecues or other relaxing and fun things. In 2023-2024 the AC consists of:

  • Sieds Lykles – Praeses
  • Maurice van de Streek – Abaktis
  • Sophia Su – Quaestor
  • Wouter van Dam – Commissioner Promo
  • Jimme Bieseman – Commissioner Pitt
  • Inès Deiros Gras – Commissioner Trek een Bak
  • Salle Wieringa – Qualitate Qua

Email: activiteitencommissie@slopend.com

Building Committee

The Building Committee (BC) is responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the obstacle course on X. Besides working and planning on their own, they organize build days regularly. On these days members are invited to help with the building. In 2023-2024 the BC consists of:

  • Michael: Bob the Builder – Chairman
  • Evert: Scoop – Treasurer
  • Joey: Liftie – Commissioner Materials
  • Floor: Muck – Commissioner Log
  • Nelleke: Dizzie – Commissioner Promo
  • Ivan: Wendy – QQ’er

Email: bc@slopend.com

Stichting SurvivalStrijd Delft

The board of the Stichting SurvivalStrijd Delft organizes the annual survival challenge (survival run open for all students) in May. In 2023-2024 the SSSD consists of:

  • Anna de Ruijter – Chairwoman
  • Jochem Ribberink – Secretary
  • Lisa van Asselt – Traesurer
  • Mayke Boellaard – Commissioner External Affairs
  • Michael Middelkoop – Commissioner Parcours
  • Benjamin Sherlock – Acquisition
  • Ivan Schurer – QQ’er

Email: SurvivalStrijd@slopend.com

Extraordinary Activities Committee

The Extraordinary Activities Committee (BAC) organizes extraordinary (sports)activities, but not survival per se. You can think of mountainbiking, adventure races, navigation challenges or bouldering (free climbing). In 2023-2024 the BAC consists of:

  • Scott van Hien – Voorzitter
  • Tamar Hollman – Secretaris
  • Hannah van Megen – Penningmeester
  • Fennie Troost – Commissaris
  • Justin Vervloet – Commissaris
  • Niels de Zwart – QQ’er

Email: bac@slopend.com

Media Committee

The Media Committee (MC) takes care of a working, up-to-date website (IT), arranges photos (VOC) and reports to be published of activities, helps with the newsletter and can help out other committees with posters, flyers or promotion. In 2023-2024 the MC consists of:

  • Gizo van der Helm
  • Jonte Herben
  • Sophia van der Laan
  • Hannah van Megen
  • Alexander Znamenskig
  • Diana Alkemade – QQ’er

Email: mc@slopend.com

Bushcraft Committee

The Bushcraft Committee (BuC) provides training (making fire, knot ropes etc.) to obtain bushcraft skills. Approximately twice a year, a bushcraft weekend is being organised, often to the Ardennes in Belgium. In 2023-2024 the BuC consists of:

  • Samuel Dullaart
  • Stephanie Gilbert
  • Veerle Schiet
  • Romeo Veldhuis
  • Dagmar Westenbrink
  • Jochem Wichers
  • Sara Brakelé – QQ’er

Email: buc@slopend.com

Climbing committee

The climbing committee is organising a weekly bouldering/climbing session. On top of that, they’re the ones responsible for the boulderweekend. In the year 2023-2024 it consists of:

  • Jeffrey Vriens – Chairman
  • Julian Biesheuvel – Secretary
  • Matthijs Vernooij – Treasurer
  • David Schep – Commissioner
  • Meike van Veen – Commissioner
  • Niels de Zwart – QQ’er

Acquisition Committee

The Acquisition Committee will be looking for sponsordeals to ensure the associations’ financial health. In 2023-2024 it is made up of:

  • Nelleke van Dijk
  • Justin Vervloet
  • Tinko Vialard
  • Sara Brakelé – QQ’er

Integration Committee

The Integration Committee (IC) organises the intro period and the OWee. During this period, they organise all kinds of activities that are open for anyone to join, to check out whether Slopend is something for them. This way the year gets a great start. In 2023-2024 the IC consists of:

  • Fennie Troost – Chairwoman
  • Benjamin Sherlock – Secretary
  • Sophia Su – Commissioner plan B
  • Sara Brakelé – QQ’er


The BoeC (yearbook committee) will be creating the yearbook of 2023-2024! This will be done by:

  • Sander van Bemmelen
  • Lauranne Plessers
  • Jaap van Rekom
  • Ymke Schasfoort
  • Sara Brakelé – QQ’er

Christmasweekend committee

The Christmasweekend committee sets up a holly jolly weekend in December. It’s very cozy and fun and there are a lot of Christmas activities. The committee of this year 2023 consists of:

  • Mayke Boellaard
  • Louis Boilly
  • Michael Middelkoop
  • Veerle Schiet
  • Diana Alkemade – QQ’er

Introweekend committee

This committee organizes the first Slopend weekend of the year, the intro weekend! This weekend concludes the introduction period in September. Both old and new Slopers head out to a disclosed location in Belgium. In 2023-2024 the committee consists of:

  • Anna de Ruijter
  • Maurice van de Streek
  • Nelleke van Dijk
  • Willemijn Drenth
  • Sieds Lykles
  • Ivan Schurer – QQ’er

Email: introweekend@slopend.com

Email: weekendenslopend@gmail.com

Groenfeest Committee

The “Groenfeest” Committee organises an epic party in cooperation with the five other “green” associations in Delft: D.S.K.V. Paal Centraal, S.H.C. Scoop, D.S.T.V. Obvius, D.S.S.V. ELS and D.S.T. Pegasus. In 2023-2024 the committee consists of:

  • Ignas Vasiliauskas
  • Niels de Zwart – QQ’er

Email: groenfeest@slopend.com

Lustrum Committee

In 2023-2024 the committee consists of:

  • Max Spier – President
  • Rob Lubbers – Commissaris Pencils & Paper
  • Daniël Hesselman – Commissaris Paint & Penning
  • Pim Vree – Commissioner Planning
  • Floor Six – Commissioner Promo
  • Diana Alkemade – QQ’er

Lustrum Weekend

To ensure this year is a real “Extraoutdoordinary Adventure” we’ll also be going on a lustrum weekend! It will be organised by:

  • Sophia van der Laan – Chairwoman
  • Nadine Tiessen – Treasurer
  • Matthias Groenewolt – Commissioner Activities
  • Evert Perquin – Commissioner External Affairs
  • Floor Six – Commissioner Logistics
  • Diana – QQ’er

Gala Committee

With a lustrum year of course comes a lustrum gala. The following people will give us the most amazing evening of the year:

  • Daniël – Chairman
  • Fennie Troost – Secretary
  • Tamar – Treasurer
  • Felix Dahle – Commissioner
  • Simon – Commissioner
  • Floor – Helping hand
  • Max – Helping hand
  • Diana – QQ’er

Financial Control Committee

Ensure that the Treasurer does their job well. In 2023-2024:

  • Lisa van Asselt
  • Tinko Vialard
  • Pim Vree
  • Sara Brakelé – QQ’er


These lads and ladettes will tell you what you have to do at the training sessions.

  • Floor Six – Head instructor
  • Dries Borstlap
  • Doeke Jebbink
  • Max Spier
  • Maurits Peters
  • Pim Vree
  • Diana Alkemade – QQ-er

Bushcraft Instructors

The Bushcraft instructors (a.k.a. The Big Five) organise weekly training about all things bushcraft.

  • Willemijn Drenth
  • Rudi Smits
  • Stefan Rovers
  • Matthias Groenewolt
  • Sander van Bemmelen