17 May 2016


In each summer and February break (and sometimes in between) Slopend members organize trips to survive in nature, climb a mountain, to sleep in an ice cave, or just to explore what the world has to offer. You can join these trips. It is not an all-inclusive package however, if you join you’ve got to contribute: e.g. book the plane tickets, figure out the route or find out what the wild life is like. You’ll also need to sort out your gear; fortunately a lot of Slopers are willing to lend you gear if they aren’t using it.

Slopend does organize a few weekend trips throughout the year to e.g. the Ardennes. On these weekend trips most things are taken care of for you (place to stay, food, the route), and they allow you to gain the necessary experience to go on a real expedition.

The Slopend map

This map shows every location where Slopend Expeditions took place in the last few years:


What When Where Media
Triple 8.1   August 2017

France (Les Écrins)

Video on Youtube
Triple 8.0   August 2017


Video on Youtube
Winterweek 6.0   February 2017 France (Vercors)  Photos on Flickr

Video on Youtube

Triple 7.0 August 2016 Romania (Retezat + Danube delta)  Video on Youtube
Winterweek 5.2 February 2016 Finland Video on Youtube
Winterweek 5.1 February 2016 France (Valee Blanche) Video on Youtube
Triple 6.0 July 2015 Slovenia Photos on Flickr
Winterweek 4.0 February 2015 Marocco Video on Youtube
Triple 5.1 July/August 2014 Albania/Croatia Photos on Google Plus
Triple 5.0 July/August 2014 Poland
Winterweek 3.0 February 2014 Norway Video on Youtube
Triple 4.0 August 2013 Italy Photos on Facebook
Winterweek 2.0 February 2013 Slovenia Photos on Picasaweb
Triple 3.1 July 2012 Norway Video on Youtube
Triple 3.0 August 2012 Bulgaria
Winterweek 1.0 February 2012 France Photos on Picasaweb
Triple 2.0 July 2011 Sweden Photos on Flickr
Iglorious 2.0 Maart 2011 Switzerland Photos on Flickr
Triple 1.0 July 2010 Norway Photos on Flickr
Iglorious 1.0 April 2009 Switzerland Photos on Flickr