9 September 2018

Slopend Rentals

Slopend has a wide range of (outdoor) items for rent for our members:


A nice MTB for weekend trips or a day.

Click here to rent the MTB.


A sturdy canoe to explore the waters around, or far away from, Delft.

Click here to rent the Canoe.

Rowing Boat

With this rowing boat you can train hard on the water or make a long tour.

Click here to rent the Rowing boat


With this drone you can shoot the best shots of your expedition or other adventure!

Click here to rent the Drone

!!! You do need to have had a explanation to fly it, ask the board for it !!!


Just so you don’t hurt yourself when you go bouldering outside, take the crashpad with you!

Click hier here to rent it


Take a look in the library of Slopend.

Click here to rent a book.