25 May 2017

Slopend Shop

You can also buy clothing at Slopend. Here you can see some trained guys showing off the Slopend fashion line:

Shirt – €10
A beautiful white shirt with our logo. Perfect for showing off to everyone that you’re a member of Slopend!

Tight – €41.50
Lighter and dries faster than sweatpants; pretty handy for survival.

Hoodie – €20
You can now also show off that you’re a Slopend member during the cold winter months…

Buff – €5
Thin and fast drying. It’s nice and warm around your face or neck, but you can also use it as a cap or arm band.

Cap – €6
You also want your head to stay nice and warm…

Opinel €12,50
An all-round knife to take with you on every activity

Should you want to try something on or buy something, tell a board member.