25 October 2019

Slopend Weekends

These are all the weekends that are still/already planned for this academic year, despite covid-19!


Also in these times, or maybe even more so, the year is not complete without a Christmasweekend! We don’t know exactly what the weekend will look like yet, but be sure to mark the 19th and 20th of December in your agenda’s! To organise the weekend, we need to have an estimate of the amount of people that want to join, and the types of activities you want. It would help a lot if you could fill in this form, you are not obliged to anything yet, this is purely an indication!


During this weekend you head on an adventure in the midst of winter, during which you often learn to plan your own route with a smaller group. It’s called winterweekend for a reason: it can be cold and you will sleep in your self-made shelters, so a sleeping bag with a comfort rating of around 0 degrees celcius is recommended. It’s mainly a very fun weekend that’s also good preparation for a winterweek, so if you love winter and if you love weekend, prepare for this awesome winterweekend!


The training weekend is the sportiest weekend of them all. The weekend is all about sports and you will do and try many different sports. There are classic sports that often return are survival running and mountain biking. Push your limits and go for that little bit more.


The National Student Survivalrun Weekend is a cooperation between all 7 associations of the Netherlands! From each, 10 go along to a beautiful place in the Netherlands for fun and above all lots of sports!