17 May 2016

Survivalrun sport

The Almost weekly survival runs are hosted throughout the country, which you can sign up for through the SBNsurvivalrun sport is a physically demanding endurance sport where trail running is combined with obstacles. This sport is mainly practiced in the Netherlands and has its own voluntary association: the “Survival Bond Nederland” (SBN).

Survival runs

. These are races of various distances (5-25km) with obstacles in-between. This is where you put your skills and determination to the test. You can enter these runs as an amateur with or without a group, additionally the SBN has three competition rankings for which you need to request a license. The prerequisite for one of these liscences is that you’ve completed 5 runs with a wristlet in one season. The three liscenses are:

KSR: Korte Survivalrun (short distance)
18 years and over, the track is 6-9km with a target time of 55 minutes.

MSR: Middellange Survivalrun (medium distance)
18 years and over, 7.5-15km with a target time of 1h30min.

LSR: Lange Survivalrun (long distance)
18 years and over, 15-25km with a target time of 2h30min.


In each level it’s a goal to work to the next, licenses can be requested at the start of the season. The deadline is usually at the start of August.

But can I do it?

Survivalruns can be tough, but if you train your endurance and learn the proper techniques to conserve your strength during a run you can make it over the finish line. Motivation and willpower are big contributors too.

You can also choose to partake in these runs as a couple or even with an entire team. Here at Slopend we like to participate as a team.

The wristlet

Before you start a run you will put on a red wristlet. If you fail to complete an obstacle this wristlet will be removed and you’ll get a time penalty of 2 hours. This is where willpower might come into play; despite failing an obstacle, you keep trying until you complete it. Finishing with the wristlet should be the main thing you strive for.