15 January 2017


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Every year we organize our own survival run on the campus of the TU Delft, the SurvivalStrijd. The SurvivalStrijd of 2021 is on Saturday the 22nd of May, put it in your agenda! The members of Slopend help as volunteers on this day. As a Sloper you can do the survivalrun yourself during the club championship on Thursday training before the SurvivalStrijd. The weekend before the SurvivalStrijd we have a construction weekend, where we assemble all the obstacles for the run ourselves. All help is welcome and needed.

The participants of the SurvivalStrijd can run a challenging and fun survival run across our own campus, either individually or in a team of 2 to 5 people. For the experienced survivalrun athlete with license we have the Korte SurvivalRun (KSR) competition. The Group Run is mainly intended for the Delft students; even without experience in the sport, it is doable. So convince your roommates, friends or classmates to participate!

For more information seeĀ The SurvivalStrijd website.