13 december 2021

MC FM: Top 120

It is time to wrap up 2021 with our favourite music. The MC is creating the Slopend top 120, a list with the favourite numbers of our Slopers. Between Christmasweekend and Christmas, we will stream 10 songs per day, ending with the Slopend top10 on Christmas Eve.

There is also a Spotify playlist, which will be updated daily with the newly announced songs. Click here to follow the Slopend top 120 list.

(If you click on the link instead of ‘download’ it will start playing, without needing to download the entire file. It could take a few seconds)

Christmas Day

We have arrived at the top 10 favourite songs for Slopers, and what a list! Filled to the brim with classics that everyone can sing or dance along to. Which song will be on top, which band is most common in the list, what genre is popular in Slopend? Let all your questions be answered in the last episode of the Slopend top 120 on MC FM. Enjoy the best of the best, and we will all see you next year. Happy Holidays!

December 23th

With just 1 day left for christmas, Doeke and Mayke present the second last episode of the Slopend top 120 with numbers 20 to 11. Listen now to this enthousiastic and knowledgeable episode with numbers from Guns N’ Roses, TOTO and even Da Tweekaz (Thats right, time for Jägermeister). Enjoy!

December 22th

After great success we brought back Matthias and Hielke who this time took even more time to tell you all about the songs that are becoming progressively better with the days. Enjoy us on an evening session which is under pressure and filled with free birds, and other modern classics.

Higher quality can be found here:

December 21th

Vandaag worden classics zoals Summer of 69 en Don’t stop me now je om de oren geslingerd wanneer Max en Veerle je de nummers 40 tot 31 laten horen. Wacht geen minuut langer en luister vlug naar een van de 4 laatste uitzendingen in de top 120.

December 20th

This time you are listening to midnight radio with Hielke and Matthias, talking you through some old classics, influential film music and ending on a less serious note 😉 This time with two times as many songs to enjoy! Places 41 through 60 from the Slopend top120.

Higher quality can be found here:

December 18th

The music is getting better and better. We have arrived at the sixth episode, with numbers from 61 to 70. Let Max Spier talk you through the music of Marco Borsato, Tom Cochrane and The Animals. This is a long one, so take your time and enjoy.

December 17th

Mayke Boellaard and Ymke Schasfoort will take you on a musical rollercoaster through the numbers 80 to 71, touching all genres from Jazz to Rock and from classical music to bigband. Listen know to episode 5 with artists like Frank Sinatra, Claude Debussy and Panic! at the disco.

December 16th

Under the lights of the christmas tree in the top 120 café, Justin Vervloet and Max Spier are presenting the 81 to 90 numbers in the list. Sit back and enjoy the music of Don Mclean, René Froger and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

December 15th

We dropped into the top 100 best songs. Listen now to the best 91 to 100 numbers, from the great names like David Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. This third episode on MC FM is brought to you by Nadine Tiessen and Max Spier.

December 14th

The second episode is live, with numbers 101 to 110. This time however without narrating. Enjoy a varied mix of our finest music, from Fleetwood Mac to Lil Nas X, Kensington and The War On Drugs.

December 13th

You can now listen to the first episode, with the numbers 120 to 111, including The Police, Katy Perry and Simon & Garfunkel. This episode is presented by Veerle Schiet and Max Spier.